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News Letter

MAY 2017

We had another great Girl Scout Troop stop by to learn about cars. Troop 66570 learned about vehicle safety, how to check air pressure in tires, add air pressure, and check for the proper oil level. The girls were able to fill out there own girl scout vehicle inspection forms. They received good bags with their very own Tire Pressure Gauges. We also enjoyed cupcakes from Cupcake Ave. As always we enjoyed have the girls here and informing them about cars. Thank you Girl Scout Troop 66570.



APRIL 2016

We had a blast informing Girl Scout Troop 4650 about cars. We showed the troop how to check tire pressure, how to fill up the tires with air, and how to let air out if there is to much air. The troop also learned how to check the oil in a vehicle.  The troop had their very own inspection forms to fill out and got to practice being a mechanic for a night. We enjoyed having this group out. We love being able to educate and teach anyone about their cars. Thank you Girl Scout Troop 4650!